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Notice of change in swim start method, etc.


●Friday June 9th 11:00-17:00 Bike check-in

Athletes who pass the bike check by the referee will pick up a timing chip with your race number.
When you scan the timig chip with a scanner, your name and race number will appear on the screen, so please make sure that your name is displayed.
If you take a other person's timing chip and scan it, other person's name will be displayed.So in that case, please pick up your racenumber 's timing chip.


●Friday June 9th 13:00-15:00 Practice Swim Session

After completing athlete check-in, you will receive an ankle band (timing chip) at the bike check-in tent.
Only athletes with ankle bands (timing chip) are allowed to Practice Swim Session.
The course is 200m one way and 400m for one round trip, but athletes who want to swim more than 400m should continue swimming without returning to the timing line.
Do not swim again after leaving the water and crossing the timing line.


●Saturday June 10th 5:30-5:50 Swim warm-up

Do not swim beyond the lifeguard line to offshore.


●Saturday June 10th Swim start

・The swim start will be a rolling start of 10 athletes each at 10 second intervals.

・All athletes start swimming from 6:00-6:15, so please come to the swim area by 5:45 at the latest.

・Please line up side by side with 10 athletes.

・The first 10 athletes should line up 2 meters away from the timing line.

・Pshically Challenged is the final start.


●Saturday June 10th Award Party

Awards will be determined based on the overall time.
There is no duplication of commendation targets for age group categories, Local residence, and Premium categories.
Athletes who are eligible for commendation by age group are not eligible for commendation in the Local residence or Premium categories.

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