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IRONMAN 70.3 Higashimikawa Japan in Atsumi Peninsula RACE BREIFING

Date: 9 June, 2023
Time: 11:00, 14:00, 16:00
Venue: Shiroya Beach Park (Race Start Venue)


1. Overall Race Course Conditions


 i. Swim Course

・Beach clean and recovery from previous week’s heavy rain was done by many local volunteers and city staffs.

・There will be driftwood and possibly some debris in water.

・Water clarity is not high. Raise your head and check direction.

・Water temperature expected to be 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

・Weak wind expected to be from east direction.


 ii. Bike Course

・Thanks to the tremendous amount of assistance from the local City, officials and residents, athletes can ride the full peninsula.

・Approx. 800m from bike start, a landslide from last week’s rain had destroyed the road. Which is now cleaned and recovered due to massive effort by locals. There is no change to the bike course.

・With today’s rain, there is chance that athletes would be requested to slow down and/or dismount from the bike when passing through this section on race day.

・Volunteers and staff will sweep the bike course and check for other possible locations where the road may have dirt/debris.

・Athletes are requested to keep an eye out on the road condition and always control your speed.


◆Caution sections on the Bike Course

①There are 80 locations where local residents and emergency vehicles would cross the bike course. Security staff will make sure the crossing would only take place when there are no incoming athletes.

②There are 3 sections, total distance of 9km, where the road is not fully closed and there will be incoming traffic on the other side of the road. There will be cones/pylons placed on the road to indicate these sections.

③53km. Cape Irago offers astonishing views, but is a section with steep downhills and turns. Control your speed appropriately.

④53km. Possible sand on the road from the adjacent beach. You’ll likely be crutched down in aero-position, but don’t just look below but also look ahead.

⑤82km. Bike route goes off of the main road to the local road along the ocean. Road condition is not as good as the main road. Keep your eye out on the road and for cones/pylons placed by race organizers.

⑥Just before reaching T2, you will pass the land-slide section mentioned previously.


 iii. Run Course

・Run on the sidewalk and not on the road where possible.

・Due to the course layout, not many volunteers are present along the course. Pay close attention to your physical condition and if you see a fellow athlete not looking well, please inform the staff at the next Aid Station. For the safety of the athletes there will be EMT/Paramedics assigned at Aid Stations 5 to 10.

・Some sections are slippery due to rain. Watch your step.


◆Caution sections on the Run Course

①Right after the run start, the section along the wharf does not have a flat surface. Choose your line carefully.

②7km-9km. Run course takes you to a long uphill/downhill bridge. Take enough rest at Aid Station 4 as this bridge section makes it difficult for medical staff to swiftly attend to.

③There are sections where the run course goes over a pedestrian bridge and staircases. Rain makes these sections slippery, run with caution.


2. Today & Tomorrow to-do’s


 i. Test Swim (13:00-15:00)

・All athletes must complete bike check-in, receive your timing-chip, have the timing-chip on you when entering the test swim.

・Walk over the timing mattress when entering the water.

・Walk over the timing mattress when exiting. You are not allowed to re-enter the water once you’ve walked over the timing mattress.


 ii. Making sure the timing chip is yours

・Once bike check-in is complete, you can collect your timing chip.

・Collect the timing chip with your race number from the timing chip tent.

・Scan your timing chip and make sure your name is correctly displayed on the monitor.


 iii. Race Start procedure

・Rolling start. 10 athletes, every 10 seconds. Make sure to be ready and present at swim start.

・Swim start area will be marked in 4 separate time-zone, which matches with the color of the swim cap. Locate your zone and wait for swim start.

・10 athletes will spread over a 6 meter (19 feet) wide start area and wait for the start horn.


 iv. Bike Aid Stations

・4 aid stations along the bike course. Water and Sport Drinks in bike bottles (bidons) will be handed to athletes.

・Dispose your bike bottles to and only during the litter section located before the bike aid stations.

・When approaching the aid station, slow down, make eye-contact with aid station volunteer, and mentions what it is you with to receive (water or sport drink).


 v. Penalty Box(es)

・In case you receive a penalty on the bike course, the TO (technical officer) will inform you of the penalty on the spot.

・Penalty Box is placed right before the bike finish line. Make sure to place yourself in the penalty box if you received any penalties during the bike.

・For penalties received during the run, there will be a penalty box located at Run Aid Station 10.


 vi. Heat-stroke!

・Weather forecast for race day is cloudy with partial rain. But the humidity will exceed 90%. With this humidity, body temperature will remain high.

・Hydrate yourself well, self-monitor your condition.


Looking forward to seeing all your smiles at the finish line!

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